Keros Escape Location

Keros EscapeKeros Beach

Keros beach, at the east of Lemnos, is a place of supreme natural beauty and daily human activity. Its geographical position makes it receptive to the east winds and this is the reason why it is widely preferred by surfers of every kind. Crystal clear, turquoise waters create the perfect waves for water sports. Dunes surround a long beach, with thin white sand and seashells. White lilies and a pine forest complete the right setting for a magical stay.

Keros EscapeKalliopi village

Kalliopi is a quiet, traditional village, 4 minute drive from the central east center of Kontopouli. It is surrounded by lake Aliki and Keros beach from the east and Chortarolimni lake from the south. These are places of exquisite natural beauty, they are protected from Natura 2000 law and they are ideal for observation. Kalliopi village is famous for the celebration of its patron saint, Saint George, when each year festive horse races take place. In the village one can find tavernas with local delicacies as well as coffee shops that stay open until late as bars.

Keros EscapeLimnos island

Lemnos is a part of the northern Aegean island complex with a great history and natural beauty. It has been home to ancient and Byzantine cultures that have left their traces within the traditional villages as well as the archeological sites.

Its unique coastline creates numerous sandy beaches with crystal clear waters ideal for swimming and fishing.

Water activities like surfing and scuba diving are also becoming an indispensable part of the island’s culture, not only during the summer, but throughout the year.

The island of Lemnos produces a variety of dairy products, fruit and vegetables and is especially known for “Kalathaki” cheese and Muscat wines.

Culinary delicacies include a variety of pescatarian dishes, traditional “flomaria” pasta and almond pastry sweets.